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Just in case you missed the massive header and every other gap I’ve managed to squeeze it in to, my name is Aqeel Ahmed and yes, I am a film and video director.

My mission in life is to create a positive change in the World. I intend to do that through creativity.
It’s intangible and some may say silly mission, but is a good way to define what kind of projects or clients I choose to work with.

I was born, raised and live in East London, United Kingdom.
Those of you that know London, especially the East, will know how amazingly diverse and international it is.

I believe that growing up in that atmosphere and absorbing it in is what makes me who I am and is evident in my work; British with an international twist.
The ‘international twist’ extends further with my ability to also speak and understand a bit of Japanese, Urdu and Hindi.

Anyway, to my work!
I’ve written, produced and directed several award-winning short films and animations. I tend to create films with a subject or message that is important to me. The most notable two — that I shamelessly milk most in my reels — are Alienated (the one with the blue alien) and Shattered Pieces (the one with destroyed London).
They’ve been shown in festivals, cinemas and TV worldwide. They’ve been selected or judged by people and companies such as Sir Richard Branson, Kevin Spacey, Sony Animation and Disney.

I also do music videos, corporate videos, product videos and loads more at the creative company I founded called Ahmco. We call it a social video agency.”
In addition to all the video stuff, we do branding, design, and get your video & web content seen by people.

If you’d like to hire me or Ahmco, get in contact!

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